Laptop LCD screen replacement

trading standards approved One of the most common jobs that we carry out on customers laptops is the replacement of the LCD screen panel, which has been broken.

The screen is one of the most delicate parts of the laptop and only needs a small amount of excess pressure applied before it will crack.

The problem often occurs when the laptop has been dropped or knocked in some way. Another common cause of damage is when the laptop lid has been forced shut with a foreign object accidentaly left on top of the keyboard.

Screens generally come in two main types : Older models that have a flourescent tube (CCFL) and inverter board to backlight the panel, and those that use the more modern LED backlights. The newer type of LCD tends to be the least expensive.

broken laptop screens fixed fast


Screen Fitting Procedure

Luckily, we can supply and fit a new screen for you very quickly.
First, we carefully remove the bezel and any other plastics, allowing access to the screws that hold the LCD in place.
Next the screen is removed which usually involves a few more screws and careful disconnection of any cables. At this stage we can fully check the manufacturers part and model numbers to make sure the correct replacement is fitted.
The new screen is then connected up and secured in place. We then run a test for a few hours to make sure everything is OK. Once satisfied the plastics are reattached and your laptop is as good as new.