IPAD Repairs

You may well have arrived at this page because your lovely shiny IPAD has had a slight accident and the front glass touch screen has been cracked or damaged.

Don't panic. We are here to help fix it for you and get it looking like new.

IPAD glass screen replacement is a very popular repair due to the delicate nature of the front digitizer and something that we carry out on a very regular basis.

Damage usually occurs as a result of an accidental drop or excess pressure has been applied to the front.

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The stages below outline how we repair Ipads.:

Firstly the edges of the screen are gently heated to loosen the strong glue holding the glass in place.
Pry tools are then used to get into the gap between the frame and the digitizer in order to lift the glass away from the frame. This is a process that cannot be rushed as lots of care has to be taken to avoid damage to the delicate cables underneath, and to remove all often small pieces of broken glass.
Once the old digitizer is off, the LCD itself is now also removed.In most cases we also replace the plastic mid frame that surrounds the glass, which makes for a much better finish.
Now the IPAD frame is thouroughly cleaned removing any left over glass and glue residue. This is a time consuming process taking around half an hour or more.
In some cases, where the Ipad has been dropped, damage may have occured to the metal back case. If not corrected, this can sometimes stop the new front from fitting correctly. The metal is carefully reworked to the correct shape so that everything fits back in nicely.
Once everything is clean, the new IPAD glass is prepared for installation. The start button and camera bracket are transferred onto the new part and adhesive strips are applied to secure it into place.
The new mid frame is fitted where required.
The digitizer and LCD is now reconnected and the LCD given a thorough clean to remove any grease and dust.
Next the new glass is carefully positioned within the plastic frame and glued in place. Pressure is applied, usually overnight, to ensure a good bond.

Repairs are carried out entirely in our own workshop for a speedy service. We usually have all required parts in stock for the IPAD2 IPAD3 and IPAD4 meaning we can get your beloved IPAD back to you as soon as possible