Laptop DC Power Socket Repair

trading standards approvedOne of the most common laptop faults we see is a damaged power socket, sometimes referred to as the DC jack. You may find that your laptop will either not charge at all or you have to wiggle the power lead in order to get a good connection.

This component is either connected to motherboard on a power cable or more often then not integrated into the motherboard meaning that the whole laptop needs to be stripped down so a replacement socket can be professionally fitted.

Damage often occurs when the power lead is connected and then the laptop is suddenly moved / dropped or the power lead is accidently walked into or tripped over which in turn puts excessive pressure on the fragile socket inside. Sometimes the solder joints that connect the socket will simply crack over time. If there is no damage to the socket itself then these connections can be repaired by resoldering.

Laptop dc socket and power lead

The stages required to complete the repair are as follows:

Identify the type of socket required for replacement.
Dissasemble the laptop and remove the motherboard.
Desolder the faulty socket and clean up the connections ready for the new part.
Insert the new socket onto the board and solder in place
Reassemble the laptop
Fully test all functions for correct operation.

This is all carried out in our workshop ensuring the fastest and professional repair possible.

Laptop socket on leadlaptop pwer socket ready for soldering