Wired and Wireless Networking Setup

Wireless networking setup and problem finding.

Wireless networks offer a very convenient way of connecting up laptops, computers and mobile devices where it is not practical or possible to use a wired system. We have experience in setting up and also fault finding many wireless systems.

A typical wireless network consists of a router that offers connectivity to both wired and wireless devices. Other remote access point can be configured to talk to this router to offer network and internet access in remote locations. Consumer routers come with the a modem built in to connect to the appropriate internet service provider. This will either be to connect to Virgin Media cable system or the BT telephone socket.

It is not uncommon for wireless users to experience poor signal connection problems as they try to use their devices too far away from the router. These problems can be overcome by using extra wired access points and/or powerline homeplug devices that allow transfer of data across existing mains wiring.

Wired network cable installation.

When maximum speed and reliability are important, a wired system is the way to go. Gigabit networks are now common place.

We are able to provide, install and repair the following types of cabling:

Cat5e and Cat6 ethernet
Telephone cables
Fibre optic
CCTV Cabling

For structured cabling we offer free, no obligation quotations.